Ok – so we’ve had a change of plans!!

The Wagyu enterprise hasn’t taken off for a few reasons, the biggest one being the weather! The other being the people who were to supply us the cows think we are fools, which we are not!

As we are extended financially as far as we can go – at this point I need to thank our local Rural Financial Councilor for his wisdom and knowledge! – we are going to stay with the 110 we are currently milking.

We do have plans – the export market for good quiet heifers is open, and we are hoping we can sell some dry stock to buy some wet stock.

I am still going to give you a look at life on our farm. As someone who didn’t grow up on a dairy and in fact stated in no uncertain terms that I would never milk cows for a living, I know not everything you hear about life on the farm makes sense!

Dairying has its own issues, as does every food production farm.

I will still try to give you a warts and all look at life on our farm.

If you have any question, opinions or just want to say hello you can leave me a message here or follow me on Twitter.

I would much rather you asked me a question about dairy farming in Australia- the good, the bad and the ugly! – than base your views on things you read in a city newspaper.

I cannot promise a post every day as things happen around here!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alison
    I follow you on twitter. I spent my childhood on a dairy farm at Gloucester. There were Germons around those parts. Good horse people from memory.
    My mum is a Higgins and my granny was a Stanton. Also horse people.
    Are you at Gloucester?

    • Hi David. You’ll know my hubby Blocka then. We’re near Wingham these days. Blocka wanted to farm at Gloucester but there was nothing available. We are loving it here! Am I following you? If not tag me in a tweet and I will.

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