Hubby has the Man Flu….

He is sick and has spent the day inside.

There is always a lot to do on the farm, an being a man down makes things hard.

The 13yo and I have been milking. She hates it! But I think she is actually enjoying milking with me. If I rouse, I explain why. She appreciates that.

Hubby has never really let me drive the tractors. Its caused a lot of fights. No, double whatever you were thinking! If Julia wants to know real misogyny, she only needs to come here!!

Number One Son had to pick me up from the mechanics today. It was a rare opportunity for me to actually force conversation out of him. He’s a little shy. Earlier this morning, I had asked him what his plans were. In his usual chatty way, he answered “mulching”.

Mulching is a little like mowing the lawn. You cut the old grass after the cows have left the paddock and leave the cuttings on the ground to mulch the new growth. It takes any sour old grass the cows won’t eat away, allowing for sweet new growth. It also slows any weeds down.

So on the way home I asked what else he had to do. Again chatty, he said “plenty”. I asked of there was anything I could do to help. No reply, just a noncommittal grin. Then I did it…I asked if I could do the mulching while he did something else.

Nobody was more shocked than I when he said “yep”.

“You’ll need to do a lap with me, dad has never let me drive any impliment”.

“Yep. You’ll be right”.

It’s not that I have never driven a tractor.  I have. I ploughed and sowed paddocks, drove a giant Versitile articulated tractor on the big western property I worked on, I had even mown hay before hubby met me. So therefore it doesn’t mean anything.

So Number One Son went and pulled the irrigation into lines and I drove the tractor down there. He jumped on, showed me what to do and left me too it.

Hubby didn’t even know…..

Me Mulching #felfie

Me Mulching #felfie


Not looking too bad...

Not looking too bad…


I leave the nature strips deliberately, because bunnies need to eat too....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I leave the nature strips deliberately, because bunnies need to eat too….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As it turns out the nature strips aren’t entirely of my doing. Number One Son spent the afternoon replacing all the blades on the mulcher…


First Attempt Mulching Ever!

My Black Dog

Ali's Dairy Life:

A lot of people can relate to this, I’m sure!

Well written.

Originally posted on diaryofamessylife:

My black dog is never friendly and it never wags its tail in greeting me. Instead it comes skulking and growling, and I reel back in wariness when its bark can be heard in the distance. It is a nasty creature that lurks darkly in the back of my world and even when it’s not around I am sometimes anxious and afraid it will make an unwelcome return visit.

It creeps around and I don’t notice that it is there. Before it makes its presence known, it nips and bites at me, and though I have the scars from its past attacks, I somehow don’t recognise it at first. By now I should be able to smell its rancid, doggy smell, but somehow it always fools me into forgetting. I should hear it on the stairs when I’m sitting drinking. I should know it needs feeding when I start my…

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